The Indian Overseas Congress Denmark was formed in the early 2009’s by Harbhajan Singh Tatla. In those times the Indian community within the Denmark was very small and their was a steady flow of people still comming to the Denmark from all over India. 

With branches throughout the Denmark and indeed members right across the globe, we would sincerely like to thank you all for your support and comments throughout this election campaign. 

We would also like to congratulate Sonia Gandhi Ji, Dr Manmohan Singh Ji and all the members of the Congress Party in India who have our overwhelming support in continuing and sustaining the development of our prosperous nation. 

We look forward to your support in the years to come!










Sonia Gandhi
Indian National Congress President
Dr Manmohan Singh
Former Prime Minister of India (2004-2014)
Dr. Karan Singh
Forigen Afair Chariman
Harbhjan Singh Tatla
Indian Overseas Congress Denmark President